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J. Allen Meadows, MD



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Welcome to my web site! We appreciate your consideration of our office to serve your or your child’s medical needs regarding allergy and asthma. We provide evaluation and treatment of hay fever, chronic nasal congestion, hives, eczema, stinging insect allergy, food allergy and drug allergy. We also evaluate and treat asthma and related pulmonary conditions. Our goal is to give you an expert and up-to-date evaluation and to educate you about any problems we may diagnose. Your family physician, internist or pediatrician should manage other medical problems. We strongly encourage that your primary care doctor remain involved in all aspects of your medical care, including your allergic problems, and we forward a copy of your evaluation to your primary physician.





Help Wanted

We are looking for a new RN, Registered Nurse. We are ideally looking for a full time person, but we do not have a specific time table or a fixed number of hours per week. We would be willing to be flexible with the person we think is the right fit for our patient first, service oriented office.


If you know a friendly individual who you think might be an asset to our team, and might be interested in a position in our office, please have them email a resume to or drop by to complete an application.


Early Shot Hours

We are pleased to announce we will now be open for allergy shots starting at 7:30 AM each Wednesday morning. This change effect only Wednesday shot hours!


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Shot Notice

Late Notice & Changes

    January 31, now open

    Feb 23 & 24, now open 

    February 2, 6, 7, 9 now closed


We will be closed:

   January 30

   February 2, 6, 7, 9

   March 13, 14

   March 10 closed after 9:30 AM

   May 3, 4, 11, 12


Uncertain about Shot Hours Now:  
   March 22, 23, 24, 31



Allergy and Asthma Clinics of Alabama is a group of allergists prepared to meet the demands of the future of healthcare. Our members use the same allergy treatments, so no matter where you move in Alabama, you’re covered!

J Allen Meadows, MD, Montgomery
Shashi Kumar, MD, Huntsville
Rebecca Raby, MD, Huntsville     
Heather James, MD Huntsville  
Mark Kalenian, MD, Dothan    
Susann Kircher, MD, Birmingham     
Mo Mallette, DO, Florence     


Dr. Meadows is an allergy & asthma doctor in Montgomery, Alabama. As a board certified allergist, he sees adult and pediatric patients for evaluation and treatment of cough, hay fever, sinus problems, hives, eczema, allergic insect and drug reactions, emphasizing prevention. Dr. Meadows will discuss your treatment in detail and questions are encouraged. We believe that all people with asthma & allergies should be able to live completely normal lives.

We think you need to find an allergist to find relief.
There are only two groups of allergists in Montgomery:
Alabama Allergy and Asthma Clinic, where Dr. Meadows works, and Montgomery Allergy & Asthma Associates, where you will find Margaret Jakes, MD, Hugh Frazer, Jr, MD, Harry Lee, MD, and Hugh Frazer, III, MD.
There are no other allergists in Montgomery!