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Patient Education Resources

  Allergy Relief Resource Center /  WebLink

  Advair FDA Warning Fact Sheet / J. Allen Meadows, MD

  Online Consultation: What you Need to Know / J. Allen Meadows, MD

   AANMA Inhaler Switch Video /  WebLink


Getting the Flu shot in our Office / 

Common Questions about the Flu Shot



Nasacort AQ is now available without a prescription /J. Allen Meadows



Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis
Food Allergy Network /  WebLink
MedicAlert Bracelets and Chains /  WebLink
Auvi-Q Epinephrine Auto-injector /  WebLink
Cincinnati Center for Eosinophilic Disorders including Allergic Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis /  WebLink
Stylish Medical ID Bracelets /  WebLink

Pollen Counts & Pictures
Allergenic Plant Pictures /  WebLink
Pollen Count Nearest Montgomery /  WebLink

Allergy Organizations
American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology /  WebLink
American Lung Association /  WebLink
American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology /  WebLink
National Institute of Health Allergy Site /  WebLink

AAAAI Allergy & Asthma Disease Management Center /  WebLink
NJC Asthma Hospital, Denver /  WebLink
Are There Fakes & Frauds in your Nebulizer? /  WebLink

Asthma Triggers / J. Allen Meadows, MD

Chickenpox and Children With Asthma/ ACAAI

Nasal Allergy
Nose Washing with a Neti Pot /  WebLink
Ear Planes /  WebLink
Free* Veramyst Coupon, *you must tell them you have never used Veramyst before /  WebLink
Nose Bleed Treatment OTC /  WebLink

Skin Allergy
Urticaria & Hives /  WebLink
Nickel Aviodance Test Kit /  looking for new link, sorry
IvyBlock /  WebLink
Nickel-Free Store: Use "eallergy" as discount code to get 5% discount /  WebLink
Oak-N-Ivy Treatments including Tecnu /  WebLink
Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Information Center /  WebLink
National Eczema Association /  WebLink

Fire Ants Stings
Biological Control of Imported Fire Ants /  WebLink
USDA: Hot on the Trail of Fire Ants /  WebLink
Fire Ant baits best for ant control  /  WebLink
Imported Fire Ants in Lawns, Turf, and Structures /  WebLink

Future Use 

Future use WebLink

future use  / ACAAI

Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage
Medicare's Prescription Drug Coverage Options / WebLink
Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage & Protecting Your Personal Information /  WebLink
Pregnancy & Allergies

Should I avoid foods to lower the risk of allergy? / J. Allen Meadows, MD

Recommendations_on_the_Management_of_Asthma_During_Pregnancy.doc /ACOG

Newsletter: The Way I See It ! (Commentary)
Do Medications Really Expire? We do not endorse using expired meds! July/ August /  WebLink
Allergy Treatments Sept/ Oct  / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Snake Oil & Herbs Nov/ Dec / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Mail Order Pharmacy Jan/Feb / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Another View of Drug Representatives March/April / Richard A. Valentine, M.D.
Forbes Editorial: Conflicted Doctors? / Peter Huber examines reltions with Big Pharma
Physician Crisis in Montgomery Alabama / J. Allen Meadows MD
Rush to Reform Care System Could be Unhealthy / J. Allen Meadows, MD

Environmental Precautions in the Home
Cockroach Avoidance Tips /  WebLink
Allergy Avoidance: Dust Mites / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Allergy Avoidance: Pollen & Alternaria / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Allergy Avoidance: Pets / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Allergy Avoidance: Cockroach / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Allergy Avoidance: New Construction / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Mailorder Link to Purchase Allergy Supplies /  WebLink
Cat Allergy Avoidance Measures / J. Allen Meadows, MD

Support Groups
Allergy & Asthma Network /  WebLink
Partnership for Prescription Assistance /  WebLink
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America  /  WebLink
Patient Assistance for Advair, Veramyst, Ventolin /  WebLink

AAA Handouts
Advair / J. Allen Meadows, MD
NASAL STEROIDS / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Inhaled Beta Adrenergic / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Antihistamines / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Headaches & Allergy / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Nose Washing /  J. Allen Meadows, MD
Atopic Dermatitis / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Humidifiers / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Gastroesophageal Reflux / J. Allen Meadows, MD
Vasomotor Rhinitis / J. Allen Meadows, MD



Stop Smoking
1-800-Quit-Now /  WebLink
Chantix /  WebLink

Influenza Vaccine
CDC Influenza Site /  WebLink
CDC Flu update (available mid Oct 2014) /  WebLink
Getting the Flu shot in our Office / updated 9-20-2014

Information about Bio-terrorism
CDC Public Health Emergency Response  /  WebLink

Anti-reflux Surgery
Future Use /  WebLink

Anti-reflux surgery by Michael J. O'Reilly MD /  WebLink

Recommendations_on_the_Management_of_Asthma_During_Pregnancy.doc WebLink



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